Metti For Roe v. Wade is a NFT art collection from Pumpametti to support a woman's right to choose. SCOTUS' overturn of Roe v. Wade further distances America from one of the core principles of American constitutional democracy, the separation of church and state. Free mint of 1000 art pieces, 300 reserved for OG Pumpametti collectors. All royalties from this collection will go to support non-profit organizations fighting for women's reproductive rights

1000 MettiForRoeVWade

Free Mint From Contract

Go to MettiForRoeVWade contract on Etherscan:

Under "Contract" section, connect your wallet in "Write Contract" section and select "PublicMint"

Input 0 in "PublicMint".

Input 1 in "_mintAmount (uint256)".

Only 1 mint per wallet.

For OG Pumpa holders, select "PumpaFirstChoiceVIPMint"

Input 0 in "PumpaFirstChoiceVIPMint".

Input your Pumpa token ID in "PumpaId (uint256)".